Thursday, February 2, 2017


And AMOUR and LIBERTE, ma cherie!

When in Paris last year, my mum and I stumbled across a shop full of wondrous goods, including these CSAO cushions – gorgeous wax print fabrics hand embroidered in beautiful designs by artisans in Senegal. We were entranced.

The bonheur cushion was one of the few souvenirs I came home with. I found myself marvelling over the wax fabric and itching to sketch the designs in my sketchbook over and over again. So I did. Something about the resist and the translucency, that just lends itself to watercolours. Plus I always love a good repeat pattern. The mechanical exactness vs. my wobbly hand sketches. I don't know what I'm trying to say, but drawing them felt so right, that I ended up doing a couple of larger versions for myself. Maybe they'll end up on a wall, maybe they'll stay in a drawer. But I enjoyed the process of painting them – and it has given me many ideas for future explorations.


  1. Beautiful and so inspiring Imogen. They're full of joy you can tell that you've had fun x

  2. love this, the colours, the way you were drawn to them, the fact that you and your Mum found them together in Paris... love it all! x