Saturday, January 28, 2017

Summer garden

It is so hot today. I'm seriously thinking maybe an aircon is necessary. Nostalgia or frugalness or some (possibly misguided) environmental reasons has stopped us from getting one, but I've found myself feeling so lazy and unable to think and adverse to doing stuff at home this summer, that I'm thinking it may be a good idea.

But anyways. To our oasis. Here are some backyard snaps from this summer. Mostly taken in the evening time – just as the southerly hits (thank goodness for southerlys, I'd be well and truly crazy if we didn't have them). Our backyard has been kinda productive. The fruitflies demolished our giant tomatoes (we only got about two), but we've had pumpkinny squash things (zapallito del tronco), cucumbers, cherry toms, passionfruit, grapes, carrots, chillis, strawberries, midgen berries and beans. Plus some leafy greens and herby bits and pretty flowers for picking. And Oscar's sunflowers scattered throughout. And blue-banded bees (which I'd never seen before, so I got a bit excited). It is all well and truly unruly right now, but it has definitely our most productive summer garden yet.


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    1. Thanks Kylie. Always happy to see you still pop in here (:

      Admittedly we have no idea what we're doing with the garden, but its still growing.