Wednesday, October 12, 2016

For Milla

When Suzy had a blog – Floating World – I would admire her beautiful, meticulous textile creations, often containing floral on floral liberty fabrics. When instagram started, I fairly quickly connected with a lot of bloggers who'd moved across – and Suzy was one of them.

Earlier this year she contacted me, asking if I could do a custom watercolour piece, a crest or herald of sorts, for her daughter's wall. This is the result. It was so lovely that someone I'd never met in the real world, would take a chance on me.  The large white star-like flowers, Milla biflora was included as Milla's namesake flower. I also added in the Australian native hot pink tea tree and violets, in the hope that they'll be recognisable to Milla. Maybe they will end up holding special significance in her life. Thanks Suzy. I hope this artwork gives you and Milla much joy.

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