Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five o'clock Tea

My grandmother, Joyce, is somewhat a minimalist. She lives in a neat modern house, with next to no trinkets or objects of sentimental value. Neither does Joyce have any pets – I daresay Pop keeps her busy enough – and indeed, I'm fairly certain she isn't really a big fan of cats.

She does however, own this unexpected battered piece of porcelain, depicting five forlorn cats drinking tea. It is one of the only curios in their house. From what I remember (and family correct me if I'm wrong), it belonged to her mum or maybe even her grandmother. When my cousin Alice and Aunt Jane requested an artwork, it was decided that this knick-knack would have to be the subject matter. So now the mopey little kittens have been reproduced in their wonky glory to live on as an artwork. I hope you enjoy it Alice + Jane.

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