Sunday, October 30, 2016


Just recently // Springtime walks, means the kids collect LOTS of flowers // Nor + Til + scarves + sparkles.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

GreenWay Community Photography Prize

So, I had this crazy idea that I should enter an art prize – and when the GreenWay Art Prize popped up in my Facebook feed, it didn't look too scary or highbrow – so I went for it. I figured I may as well cut my teeth on a local, approachable prize. Anyway, my little watercolour didn't make it in, which didn't come as a surprise (can't expect to be a finalist on the first art prize I enter). However, while I did a little research for my artwork, I dragged my kids and camera along to various GreenWay locations and wandered. Hence the above snap was entered into the GreenWay Community Photography Prize and it (to my complete shock), has been chosen as a finalist! How cool is that!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five o'clock Tea

My grandmother, Joyce, is somewhat a minimalist. She lives in a neat modern house, with next to no trinkets or objects of sentimental value. Neither does Joyce have any pets – I daresay Pop keeps her busy enough – and indeed, I'm fairly certain she isn't really a big fan of cats.

She does however, own this unexpected battered piece of porcelain, depicting five forlorn cats drinking tea. It is one of the only curios in their house. From what I remember (and family correct me if I'm wrong), it belonged to her mum or maybe even her grandmother. When my cousin Alice and Aunt Jane requested an artwork, it was decided that this knick-knack would have to be the subject matter. So now the mopey little kittens have been reproduced in their wonky glory to live on as an artwork. I hope you enjoy it Alice + Jane.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A tiny dye experiment.

Red veined sorrel stems (leftover scraps from a salad) + salt + vinegar + boiling water + scraps of fabric, left overnight = beautiful pinky-purple fabric. It was a strong, striking colour when wet, however has faded somewhat to a more purpley mauve.

Monday, October 17, 2016

For Iris

A crest for Milla's baby sister Iris. An iris flower obviously, but also some violets, boronia, hardenbergia and scaevola – a mix of natives and non-natives. Plus the brushbox flower (which took some practice, patience and strategising to get right, such a tricky flower) – as baby Iris was born under the brushbox bush in the frontyard!

Again, a huge thanks to Suzy for commissioning these pieces for her daughters' bedroom. I loved painting them – it was a wonderful learning process and Suzy was the most patient, gentlest, friendliest client one could ever hope for.

If anyone would like something similar (or totally different), then please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A mermaid for Ottilie

A very long time ago, I attended a gocco printing workshop at the agnsw with my mum and sister Amy. Amy illustrated this sweet little mermaid (which ended up being featured on her daughter's first birthday invites), and printed it onto a variety of different papers and fabrics. I stole one of those prints, embroidered it with hair the same colour as my niece Ottilie's and covered it in a rainbow of chainstitch scales. Now it hangs in Ottilie's bedroom. A rather lovely collaboration, no?

Also pictured in Ottilie's bedroom, a bookshelf made by my dad (when we were children) and painted by my mum. And this felt ball.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

For Milla

When Suzy had a blog – Floating World – I would admire her beautiful, meticulous textile creations, often containing floral on floral liberty fabrics. When instagram started, I fairly quickly connected with a lot of bloggers who'd moved across – and Suzy was one of them.

Earlier this year she contacted me, asking if I could do a custom watercolour piece, a crest or herald of sorts, for her daughter's wall. This is the result. It was so lovely that someone I'd never met in the real world, would take a chance on me.  The large white star-like flowers, Milla biflora was included as Milla's namesake flower. I also added in the Australian native hot pink tea tree and violets, in the hope that they'll be recognisable to Milla. Maybe they will end up holding special significance in her life. Thanks Suzy. I hope this artwork gives you and Milla much joy.

Monday, October 10, 2016


 Just the latest quick sketches – exploring layering and leaves. Created as part of the 'quick and dirty' drawing challenge.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


How did they roll around again so quickly? Seriously? One thing I have discovered, is that I love school holidays and the opportunity to spend heaps of time exploring with my kids.

Francesco Clemente's Encampment at Carriageworks
My niece Ottilie's birthday – we wandered down the Goods Line, before seeing the overwhelming Wiggles exhibit at the Powerhouse and finished it up with Yum Cha in Chinatown
THEN We ducked up the coast to the magical Patonga for a couple of days–
Plenty of painting happened
Exploring rocks and bushland
Twilight walks
Flower arranging
On the creek and in the creek 
And saying goodbye to Aunty Tesse, who joined us for one night and left by ferry.