Wednesday, June 15, 2016

fortnightly offering: papel picado

Festive and fun. Bright. My rendition of the age old, seriously beautiful mexican folk art, papel picado – looking almost abstract. I'm fascinated by the objects and items we collect when travelling and how we decorate our homes with such items.

A little postcard sized original watercolour. $15. Email me at imogeneve(at) if interested.

Update: SOLD!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

fortnightly offering: the green kookaburra jug

This little laughing japanese kookaburra (like so many objects I own) was a gift from my mum. And I do love him so. I found it really hard to know when to stop with this painting. I was tempted to add a blue wash on top of the green background and work over the fabric so that the check was further defined, then maybe more shadow, more detail ... but then I'm sure I'd think of more things to do and more and more and I'd keep working on him until the paper started to pilling, so best to stop now, while he still has a lightness to him.

He is on offer for $45, so please email at imogeneve(at) me if interested. Deets: An original watercolour and gouache painting of a green kookaburra jug filled with nasturtiums. Image measures approximately 25x16cm nestled on a sheet of A4 Archers watercolour paper.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, 
Im x.

Update: SOLD! (: