Wednesday, May 25, 2016

in my sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are so important. Something I'm only just realising.

I used to keep one naturally, but since kids and this massive world of social media, then I've been making less and less effort to keep one – or so I thought.

The other day I pulled off the bookshelf my three most recent sketchbooks and found myself surprised at how much I actually have been using them.

They are a place to pan out ideas, get them down quickly before forgotten. Also a place to simply be. Be present as you move a pen across paper. Non-confrontational. As they're never, ever going to be finished artworks, then the pressures off, they are simply personal moments.

Most of these sketches, I created while taking part in Bettina's 10 in 10 online sketch group. I just spent some time reviewing them – and I can easily see some seeds for new ideas leaping out at me from these roughs.

ps I love Oscy's tigers and how he was inspired to paint them after seeing mine.

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