Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the first fortnightly offering: a lotte figgjo tea cup

Hi! This is a little nerve-wracking!

Anyways, I've decided to start selling my art. I'll be putting this piece up on instagram this afternoon, but thought I should probably offer it here first.

Original watercolour of a Lotte Figgjo tea cup approximately 17 by 15cm (can be cropped to fit an Ikea Ribba frame with matt). $45. If interested email me at imogeneve (at)

Update: SOLD! (: xx


  1. Hi Imo, please don't feel nerve-wracked - your work is lovely. By the time I read this I reckon it'll be sold.
    I hope you will continue to post it here, because I won't be able to see it or buy it if it's on instagram :(
    Can't wait to see your next piece!
    (I'd love something floral)

    1. It is nerve-wracking, the thought of putting it out there, but once it is, its kinda cathartic too. Not sold - but don't rush (obviously), I'm going to try and get something on here fortnightly, and I'll try post it on the blog the day before insta, just to give old-time blog followers first option (: Keeping floral in mind. I've been thinking maybe something based on a bit of kitsch Australiana? Might be your kinda thing? x

  2. I'll be keeping an eye out! x

    1. Thanks G. Everyone's encouragement and support is so awesome and means so much x