Wednesday, May 25, 2016

in my sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are so important. Something I'm only just realising.

I used to keep one naturally, but since kids and this massive world of social media, then I've been making less and less effort to keep one – or so I thought.

The other day I pulled off the bookshelf my three most recent sketchbooks and found myself surprised at how much I actually have been using them.

They are a place to pan out ideas, get them down quickly before forgotten. Also a place to simply be. Be present as you move a pen across paper. Non-confrontational. As they're never, ever going to be finished artworks, then the pressures off, they are simply personal moments.

Most of these sketches, I created while taking part in Bettina's 10 in 10 online sketch group. I just spent some time reviewing them – and I can easily see some seeds for new ideas leaping out at me from these roughs.

ps I love Oscy's tigers and how he was inspired to paint them after seeing mine.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

fortnightly offering: flying geese

My mum sews. She always has. For our 18th birthdays, she made each of us (my two sisters and I), beautiful intricate quilts for our bed. A gift that was like a personal modern right of passage.

When Osc was a baby, my quilt was damaged in a washing incident. It is still perfect and useable and treasured, just faded and bleached out. One day when I was probably going a little mad from hours of breastfeeding (he was always a very hungry baby) in our tiny apartment, I started painting that quilt. tiny stars, with patterns enclosed in them. A portion of that painting is my header above.

Since then, one of my watercolour loves is to document my mum's quilts. An artwork of an artwork. Above is Osc's crib quilt. Flying geese in mainly thirties style fabrics. Still used to snuggle under when watching cartoons or reading books on the couch. In fact, it currently lives in our lounge room.

I'd like to offer this up as my second work for sale. An original watercolour and gouache painting of Oscar's flying geese. Painting measures approximately 15 x 24 cm centred on a sheet of Archer's A4 watercolour paper. $45. If interested email me at imogeneve(at)

If anyone would like to me to paint a 'portrait' of a textile piece that has personal significance to them, then of course shoot me an email too. x

Update: SOLD!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


From round here lately.

The inspo on my noticeboard, I'd say currently, but it's already changed since I took this photo. Forever changing.

And our microgreen forest of fenugreek - which was mutilated to be added to pasta tonight (these are the before photos). I've been a little obsessed with the concept of microgreens since reading Tricia Eco's blogpost on them a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the first fortnightly offering: a lotte figgjo tea cup

Hi! This is a little nerve-wracking!

Anyways, I've decided to start selling my art. I'll be putting this piece up on instagram this afternoon, but thought I should probably offer it here first.

Original watercolour of a Lotte Figgjo tea cup approximately 17 by 15cm (can be cropped to fit an Ikea Ribba frame with matt). $45. If interested email me at imogeneve (at)

Update: SOLD! (: xx