Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello January.

This was my favourite New Years to date. No fanfare or parties (not that I've been doing that for awhile), simply a late evening walk as a family of five. We played at a deserted park for an hour or so, then wandered up a hill to a vantage point where we could watch the early fireworks.

Today was restful. No goals were made or met, no intentions set. We pottered about at home and walked up the street for lunch.

Happy 2016 all. May it be a peaceful one.

photos: new calendar and finally framed and hung, the Sarah Sedwick oil painting that I won from Trishie YEARS ago (yes, once upon a time I WON AN OIL PAINTING) //  #onthekitchenwindowsill // gone to seed, celery and radish // mortgage brokers in our backyard