Tuesday, December 8, 2015


One of the best things about Summer is the food. The stone fruits and juicy mangoes, ripe berries and refreshing watermelons. Zucchinis! The abundance of green things. Abundance of fresh food in general makes me pretty happy.

To inspire myself to make more salads, I'm keeping a record here of recently created and enjoyed salads over this summer. Here are the first two.

white cabbage // radish (straight from the backyard, 'cause radishes are officially the easiest thing to grow) // mixed greens // cucumber // orange // coriander // garlic chives // topped with a homemade coleslaw style dressing

a bed of kale and beetroot leaves wilted with a little garlic // beetroot // goats cheese // walnuts // parsley // an unnecessary dijon mustard based dressing (next time I'll leave that off, because it was creamy enough with the goats cheese mixed through)


  1. yummy yummy, i've only just started eating beetroots after getting over the fact I think they taste like dirty. hehe

    1. Beetroot does have a really earthy flavour, but I kinda like that!