Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slow and Sparkling

A not so 'quick and dirty' sketch recently created, as part of my (somewhat) monthly #10in10sketches.

To celebrate two years since this challenge was first put forth by Bettina, some 10 in 10'ers are joining forces to create and print a colouring book, using our drawings. I'm totally excited. I'll be forcing the books onto unsuspecting family and friends, to encourage a little extra creativity and down time with pen and paper.

In the meantime, I've given one of the originals to Nora to colour. I rather like the result. Shall have to frame and hang it (:


  1. Down time with pen and paper is so important! Love this idea, and love your sketch. I also loved the previous post with the bowls you made - they are so rustically beautiful. There's something about perfectly imperfect ceramics I have a lot of time for. x

    1. Thanks Georgina. It so is important, especially considering how easy it is to spend every spare moment in front of a screen these days. x

      ps I'm loving your photos on insta, always poetic.