Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Bakehouse Studio

Back at the beginning of the year, I thought about this blog and why I do it. Why I even started it. I never had any clear goals, but I thought it'd be a place to record personal snippets of real-life inspiration, for myself.

Somehow, over time, this space simply became a record of our days. This year, I've taken a step back. I figured I'd rejoin this space, when I had something wonderfully creative to share. Yet the spurts of creativity have been so short and uneventful (or even nonexsistent), that I never seemed to record them to share here. But I think it is time to come back. To make a proper effort. For myself, because it does make me happy.

Thankfully, I seem to be surrounded by inspiring, influential creative souls.

Last week I was invited (by the ever-wonderful Betty) to a dinner at the local Bakehouse Studio. It was amazing. We were fed a deeee-licious three course meal by the amazing chef Nigel Douglas. The food was served on stunning handmade pieces of pottery. AND between the courses, we got to play with clay. We all made simple pinch pots decorated with slip, under the gentle instruction of Lisa Hölzl. We started with small salt dishes, and progressed to creating decent sized bowls and plates. Every single one turned out different, their beauty in their uniqueness. Each a reflection of their maker's state of mind - mine were quite slap-dash and skinny!

It was all very tranquil. When you think about it, there is something very elementry, almost primal about shaping mud with your hands. Strangely, such tranquility was energizing.

So here's to making it back online, feeling inspired and meeting wonderful people that create welcome momentum in our lives.