Saturday, September 27, 2014

Staying creative ...

for me is pretty much impossible with three young children. Well, it feels that way. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about 'frivolous' pursuits of creativity, but I do.

I mentioned here that I'd love this blog to be more about creativity, about inspiration. I have lists of ideas and projects and wonderful things that fill my heart with joy, but for the most part, they are remaining as lists.

And then in comes my saviour - Bettina!

Betty and I met back when our bubs were just that, bubs. We were thrust into the same mothers group, a group of 10 wonderful supportive mums, which 4+ years on are still all in contact.

Betty happens to be a graphic designer running her own boutique studio and an accomplished artist. She was lucky enough to do a residency as an artist in Antarctica, which naturally, leaves me in complete awe.

She is a CHAMPION of anyone you wishes to be creative in any way.

Betty convenes the 10 in 10 quick and dirty drawings on facebook - as a way of keeping creative in small doses. Plus she organises a monthly(ish) get together of mums - so they can escape and nurture their creative sides. The group consists of artists, musicians, writers and people who just dabble, like me.

She thought of both things as a way to help herself keep up her art practice ... but she looks at everything holistically. She is helping herself - yet reaching out to others for both encouragement and to help them also. It is a wonderful cyclical support that works.

So last weekend, I left poor Rodge with the double pram and three slightly sick children and escaped for four hours. We meditate, get into the zone and then go! It was bliss.

Top photo: my set up for the morning. Bottom three: Betty and her work.


  1. Oh Im! This is marvellous... it makes me joyful just thinking of all these mamas having time to meditate (and actually think!) and create too. I get so frustrated at how little I can get done creatively when there's so much pressing housework/chores/caring/book reading/laundry/cooking to do - and then when free time presents herself all I want to do is curl up with a book or nap!

    I'd love to find (or initiate) something similar xx

    1. Exactly. I often berate myself for not using my free time more productively, but it is so hard, when everything else becomes so exhausting.

      That's why Betty's idea is perfect. And the meditation aspect is brilliant, it really helps you let go and get in a good zone. Betty has a tape recorded by a friend (with a wonderful jamaican accent) that we listen to, to help.