Monday, August 25, 2014


Ten days after Oscar turned 4, Iris, our youngest, turned 1. We held a small family filled party - where, like her brother, she was showered with gifts*. We ate pulled pork followed by passionfruit covered buttercake and listened to 'let it go' one too many times on youtube.

To me, it feels as though Iris is growing up faster than her siblings and is far more independent. She walks and she talks and she climbs anything and everything. She is already fussy about her food and protective of certain toys. She adores her siblings, who in turn dote on her. She fights naps with all her might. She loves swimming, laughing, bathtime, balls, climbing stairs, standing on tabletops (little daredevil), greek yoghurt, blueberries, breastfeeding and hide and seek. Although not necessarily in that order. She is just perfect.

Happy birthday little Iris.

* (although, not from Rodge and me, we'll be more organised next year, Iris, we promise)


  1. happy birthday to your sweet little swimmer ;)

  2. ooh, pulled pork cake sounds delightful hahaha... so happy for your happiness!

    1. haha! It was!

      ps I couldn't help myself ... I went back and changed the 'and' to 'followed by'.

  3. Awww that is so lovely, Iris sounds like an absolute delight, many happy returns to her :) Gorgeous photos xo

  4. Gosh that year went quick! Such a lovely photo too x