Thursday, April 3, 2014


March was massive. Really. Birthdays, weddings, weekends away, sunshine, rain. We had it all.

1. Zinnias. At my cousin's kitchen tea.
2. Blenheim beach, down south. That's Rodge, Nora and Uncle Joe on the rocks exploring.
3. Heading to the wedding at Paperbark Camp.
4. These guys aren't shy. In our front yard.
5. New shoes and sparkly nails. Wow. This is a pretty big deal.
6. My sister Amy on her birthday. Apologies to my other sis Tess, I slept through your party.
7. Osc and I baked Margaret Fulton's rich chocolate fudge cake. It was delicious.
8. Who gave Nora an icecream?
9. Her big girl bed.
10. I burnt Nora's birthday cake. It was a disaster! Luckily her Abuela arrived with the most amazing layered Mexican jelly cake.
11. Tea at Amelia's house.

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  1. Nora's room is just beautiful. I would love to know the paint colour you have used.

    1. Thank you Mala. The colour is attica by dulux. It is so pretty, I'd used it in the living space of our old place and just knew I had to use it again.

  2. So lovely! What beautiful places, people, and things to have in your life!

    1. It has been a beautiful month – with many trips to the beach and lots of time with family. But if I filled this blog with pics of the mess in my house you'd be scared away!

  3. I love Nora's room & the beautiful beach.

  4. First of all, that bird is totally staring you down-- a bit creepy hahaha and whatever a Jelly Cake is it sounds amazing...tell her abuela "muy linda" (unless of course she doesn't speak Spanish) and I hope this next month is as full of gorgeous moments minus the death stare bird