Monday, March 3, 2014


I'm posting my stills monthly this year. These images sum up our February.

1 + 2  Yearly escape to Kiama.
3  Minnamurra rainforest.
4  My girls, playing with dinosaurs.
5  After a very impromptu (and naked) swim in the river at Woronora. Lucky I always have a scarf somewhere in my bag.
6  My dad's awesome yellow eggplants.
8  Look at that! Two sleeping girls after a visit to the museum.
9  February ended with rain, just like began.

Linking with Em.


  1. these are lovely, I particularly like the first photo, little girl on a great big beach :)

  2. Those eggplant look amazing
    And what a stunning hibiscus

  3. Beautiful. Wrapped together in a shawl is so sweet!! Xx

  4. Love all these photos. What a lovely snapshot of your month! I've never seen a yellow eggplant before either and I also love the sweetness of that photo of your two little ones wrapped in the shawl. :)

  5. Gorgeous pictures ... the shawl shot is particularly lovely ... Bee xx

  6. i really love your blog. your family is gorgeous and the way that you capture them in your photos is stunning. so much love & beauty. <3