Friday, February 28, 2014

The picture book series – The Chicken Thief

For quite some time The Chicken Thief and its sequel, The Fishing Trip by Béatrice Rodriguez were Oscar's go to books every night before bed. Every night. And truthfully, they are two of the most delightful and delightfully illustrated books ever. Seriously.

They are books without words, which has allowed our telling of the tale to evolve and become elaborate – or if we're really tired, to be simplified. It also allows for story telling to be more than 'reading' marks on paper, but an aural tradition. A way to respect imagination over ability to read or write correctly. Things that feel less valued by our education system these days, but to me feel so important for the growth of memory and creativity.

Linking to Jess and her a book a week series. 
(ps Jess, I meant to link every week, but life just keeps taking over at the moment. And I totally see the humour that I've posted books on chickens being stolen by foxes and chickens going fishing, while you have posted a book on veganism).


  1. These books look great! will put them on our list to get. We're deep into Oliver Jeffers' lovely adventures at the moment.

  2. Replies
    1. I know. The expressions on the characters' faces are perfect.

  3. Hello hello! I just read the comment you left on Gaby's blog and I can so relate. I also had my barns very close together and it was physically so exhausted just moving them around!! Well,they are now 6, 8 and 9 and I wanted to tell you that I'm not that mother anymore. It does get easier!!! Physically. Emotionally, not so much... :) Lovely to meet you. x

    1. Bron, thank you so much. So lovely of you to comment.

      I have days were I feel so overwhelmed by how impossible it feels! I'm glad it gets easier, physically. I think when the haze of sleep deprivation lifts and the demands of having breastfeed/been pregnant constantly for the past 4 years fades away, I'll feel better. Maybe. Lovely to meet you too. x