Sunday, February 9, 2014


At the beginning of this week, we ducked down the coast to Kiama. I won't lie, as I was driving down, not only was I dreaming of all the lovely things we'd get up too – but I was also thinking about the photo ops ... goodness this 52 thing gets into your head. I was imagining beautiful images of my children running along the beach, collecting shells, splashing in rockpools, wandering through rainforests and marvelling at the lighthouse.

Goodness I can be silly, with this project I have remember to live in the moment, rather than live to capture the moment. Naturally, in the end, my favourite pics were none of the above!

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014

Iris – I'm taking a break on my bed, back home and exhausted. Iris is keeping me company.
Nora – watching Oscar and his antics.
Oscar – watching the blowhole blow, being buffeted by the seriously cold rain and wind.

Favourites from last week – Eleanor and her shadow + Phineas hunting for goblins.

Joining in with Jodi.


  1. I am exactly the same! Whenever we may go somewhere even to a park I think oh must take my camera so I can capture some moments for the 52 project. A nice reminder to be in the moment and not always thinking of the pictures :) I do love this project and can not wait until the end of the year when I will have a years worth of weekly photos.

    Lovely pictures :)

  2. Whenever I don't "capture the moment" which has been a lot this week, I have to remember that despite having no record of it, it may very well be what stays in mine & my childrens hearts....except for the yelling & arguing bits...those will definitely be forgotten -- hopefully

  3. Love. Sometimes we forget our messy houses and unkempt yards are the places where our kids are cultivated. They are an honest portrayal of our life. Still it is nice to get out and play too.

  4. Your photos and your babies are so delightful. Vx

  5. Such gorgeous photos! Hope you had a great time.