Sunday, January 5, 2014


We've all been a little sick, so I'm keeping introductions simple. My beautiful three.

Iris, 4 months – her full head of newborn hair has thinned out to a wispy, downy deep golden halo.

Nora, not quite 2 – don't let that innocent face trick you, she's as feisty and cheeky as her big bro.

Oscar, 3 – This is his attempt at a smile. Oscar never stands still and would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. I have a feeling that capturing a good photo of him every week will be challenging.

Excited to be joining in with Jodi for the very first time.


  1. nice to meet you and your three! i'm so looking forward to discovering new-to-me bloggers as this project continues!

  2. Gorgee--gorgeous! I hope this new year is wonderful for you!

  3. Three adorable babes and so nicely captured! I love their names! Hope all are feeling better! First time visitor here from the 52 project! What a gorgeous blog! :)

  4. This is the most beautiful series of images of your three cherubs. I don't join in the 52 series but I am happy you are! I am looking forward to your series x

    1. Thanks Nikki. I thought long and hard about joining in. I didn't last year because I felt uncertain about sharing so many photos of my children publicly ... but then I ended up sharing heaps of pics of my kids anyway! I also wasn't sure about commiting myself to taking photos of them every week, sometimes I like completely screen free weeks, including digital cameras, to remind myself to just live; I'll jump that hurdle somehow when it arises.

      So this year, I'm joining in and at the end of the year I'll organise a photo book of it all. From a mum's viewpoint, it'll be fascinating to watch them grow.