Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The story of Imelda

As a child I sucked my thumb. My mum used to sneak into my bedroom at night and pull it out of my mouth. Eventually, after a dentist appointment, my parents decided to give me a 'reward' if I stopped. What did I want more than anything (besides a trip to disneyland)? A porcelain doll.

So, my mum, being the talented person that she is, rather than heading to the toy store, booked herself into a course, and made me a porcelain doll by hand. Cast the porcelain in a mould. Painted the tiny rosebud lips, eyelashes and fingernails. Sewed the beautiful (now very faded) apricot dress and cream bloomers. Placed a crown of roses in her hair. Eventually she also made one for each of my sisters. Each doll unique, with different features.

I named my doll Imelda, because she could fit in a shoebox bed, after 'The Story of Imelda, Who Was Small'. Last week, while visiting my parents, I spotted Imelda resting in a cabinet. Now, as a mum myself, I have so much more appreciation for all the effort and thought that my mum went to, creating heirloom dolls for each of her daughters.


  1. oh my, this is such a precious doll. what a story and what an amazing mum. lucky you x

  2. Wow, how special. Reading this post has made my day. Xx

  3. Oh how lovely ... your Mum is precious ... Bee xx

  4. She is just gorgeous, what a beautiful keepsake by a very talented mother.