Sunday, November 3, 2013


1 Monday morning rain on parsley gone to seed.
2 Collaborative artwork adorning my wall. Thanks, Tess, Osc and Nora.
3 Oak leaf hydrangea in my parents' magical garden.
4 Happy blue eyed Iris. She started giggling this week! A deep, little laugh that is oh so cute.
5 Friday night. Rodge went to the soccer. I managed dinner and bath time alone for only the second time since Irie's birth. Amazingly Oscar and Nora fell asleep early. Iris and I had a good cooing conversation before she went to bed (full of breastmilk and wrapped tightly). Alone, I lit some beeswax candles while tidying before settling down to watch Hanna on tv. It was all surprisingly peaceful.

I took so few photos this week, that I almost didn't take part. Linking up with Em – who has a beautiful, extensive selection.


  1. I love these photos - visiting via Em's Weekly Stills x

  2. Beautiful collaborative artwork! And your baby is gorgeous & I love the sound of baby giggles.

  3. You have captured a beautiful sense of peace with these shots.
    I hope your week is wonderful.

    1. Peace. I'm glad my photos look peaceful! Hope you have a wonderful week too.