Thursday, October 31, 2013


My parents have the most magical garden ever.

The pretty one wearing pink glasses is my sister Aym, holding Iris. The photo beside them is of the tastiest lettuce in the world! And there are Oscar and Nora sucking all the nectar out of the shrimp plant flowers.

Monday, October 28, 2013


1 Because toilet rolls are toys. Totally.
2 Flower on a neglected succulent.
3 Jacaranda blossom.
4 Texta, watermelon and peek-a-boo.

I haven't been taking many photos recently, so I've actually cheated here – this meagre selection is from the past two weeks.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nora Bear

Isn't she seriously beautiful?

She is also fun and funny, bright and bubbly, energetic, assertive and sociable. Naturally we all love her dearly.

photos by Tess

Friday, October 25, 2013

Three. The chaos.

It's chaotic. Three kids in three years. Well almost three years, Lady Iris was born ten days after Oscar's third birthday but I give myself a little leeway when people ask the age gaps.

I'm one of the mums with oodles of help. Seriously OODLES. My mum visits at least weekly and helps with gymbaroo. My sister has been dropping by regularly, as well as helping with swimming lessons. My mother-in-law is currently visiting family in Uruguay, but when she is in town, she takes both Oscar and Nora for an entire day, every week. Rodge is generally home in time for dinner and will help with bath and bedtimes. I know I'm lucky. I have no complaints.

But still sometimes, the house is a complete mess; the rug is splattered with yoghurt and toast crusts, toys seem to dominate every room, dishes are piled on the benchtop, rubbish bins need emptying, clean folded washing covers the piano and dirty washing dominates the laundry. Sometimes all my three children are screaming at once and you know you need to take a breath and work through each issue one at a time (naturally starting with the screaming children). Sometimes, even with oodles of help, being a stay at home mum to three young children can seem isolating and stressful.

This week I had one of those awful mornings. Big time. To cut a long story short – the breaking point came when at the swimming pool I'd realised I'd forgotten Nora's swimmers AND my wallet, so while attempting to buy a swim nappy so she could go to her lesson, I realised I couldn't. Then a beautiful, complete stranger approached me and offered to buy her a swim nappy. I may have started crying while thanking her for her kindness.

I haven't quite found my groove with three children. And I think it may take a little while just yet. But I send a HUGE, MASSIVE THANK YOU, to everyone that helps frazzled mums, directly and indirectly – including strangers at swimming pools. A kind word or action to a stressed mum can be a really, really wonderful gift!

ps. photos taken by my sister Tess. Yes, we're going for an evening walk, yes they are both barefoot. Tess has been posting heaps of lovely photos (including a recent gorgeous shot of my niece Ottilie) on her instagram here (or search instagram for celestecebra).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is my suburb: Waterplay

Keeping cool this morning at Steel Park.

The heat and winds are intense today. Hoping everyone is safe and secure, especially those affected by the bushfires.

This is my suburb series.

Monday, October 14, 2013


1 Ida Rentoul Outhwaite fairy in the shadows in Nora's room
2 Iris on the change table. I can't get over how quickly she has grown. She's a big bub at 6 weeks, 5.5 kilos – in the 90th percentile!
3 Petite pink ouchflowers this week.
4 + 5 Goodness from my parents' garden
6 Their first ever sprinkler experience. I imagine this is a fairly rare childhood experience in Sydney these days.
7 Oh hello there Miss Irie Bear.
8 Sharing strawberries on the back step.

We've had a rather magical week this week. Filled with family, friends, hot weather, farm animals and home-grown goodness from my parents garden. I hope yours has been just as lovely.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013


1 Oscar stole the camera (his favourite thing to do) and snapped this pic of me lazing on the grass at our local markets.
2 Silly magnifying glass fun.
3 I've been admiring these flowers all week.
4 FIELD in hyde park, a sea of mirrors that we discovered while on our snail trail.
5 Love. Iris and her Papa.

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On the trail of neon snails

It was a little bit hectic in the city on Saturday, but we went exploring anyway, and got to meet many giant, brightly coloured snails.