Monday, July 22, 2013

The hand-me-down series: The turquoise hand-knit hoodie

Most gorgeous rainy day outfit ever (in my opinion). The turquoise hand-knit hoodie with panda bear buttons was gifted to Oscar before he was even born. The leggings were also a gift (thanks Aunty Aym). I'm imagining Nora (she's a bit of a shortie like me), will fit this outfit for quite sometime ... then it will be passed along to baby number three! Storing it away may not even be necessary.

ABOVE Photos on the left are of Oscar February 2012. At top he is being held by my dad, down the bottom he is spinning in circles on the grass with my sis. Both were taken while on this holiday.

Photos on the right are of Nora July 2013. At top she is being held by my mum (note the new fringe cut), down the bottom she is devouring a banana in my parents luscious garden.

And because I can't help myself – a couple more shots of little Oscys. Spinning in circles. Such a cheeky face, even then! 

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  1. Oh you do make such beautiful babies! and the hoodie/legging combo is delightful and playful! I really like bright clothes that both boy & girl can wear :)