Friday, July 5, 2013

Perfect weather

After the monotonous torrential downpour that recently engulfed Sydney (which certainly made for some fun puddle adventures), we've been taking advantage of the change in weather. Perfect, sunny, mild, winter days have led us to a different park everyday this week.

Here's my sis Tess and her new pup Bluebell, setting up picnic in Sydney Park on Thursday morning. Endless open space, willy wag tails and countless friendly dogs. Views containing diggers, airplanes and kites. Enough to make any toddler (and mum and Aunty and puppy) happy and tired!


  1. Park days are pure delight! Hoping you get lots more of those.x

  2. I love this park just wish it had more play area, but the hills are amazing to roll down.

    1. They are amazing hills! I think there is some play equipment on the other side, but I haven't visited it.