Friday, May 3, 2013

In my great-great grandma's scrapbook

Newspapers used to print the most lovely descriptions of weddings in lieu of pictures.

'Her veil was worn over her face with a coronet of orange blossoms.'

'... wore a hat of champagne crinoline straw trimmed with roses and maiden-hair ... Both carried bouquets of pink cactus dahlias and wore pearl sapphire gold brooches ...'


These days, there are no such poetic descriptions being written in any local papers, but we do have beautiful photography blogs. My sister's AMAZING professional wedding photos are now up here.

Yes, that is me,  the bridesmaid with the dark hair in the sea foam green dress. Lovely little Nora also features in a mini-bridal gown. And you can see Oscar, his shirt untucked, sitting on his Papa's shoulders showering the newly married couple with rose petals.


  1. Those newspaper wedding descriptions are so beautifully worded... so poetically descriptive. I love that they celebrate the importance of marriage and wedding celebrations. Your sister's wedding photos are truly stunning... I just had a little browse. I love the colour of your bridesmaid dress too xx

  2. ok, so I haven't ever seen a head on picture of you, so in the picture where your sister & you & the other bridesmaid are holding the shoes, are you the taller or shorter one? I love that you related the beautiful photo blog to poetry-- photos really can be poetic!

  3. I say, I feel a little stalkerish... in that I gazed for a long time at the glimpses of you bridesmaiding at your sister's wedding, seriously Im, you are absolutely gorgeous. and those children of yours... especially Oscar on his papa's shoulders!

    And I loved reading as much as I could make out of that newspaper clipping - soul soothing really... filet lace and white satin... pink carnations and sweet pea... it reminds me of my favourite photo of my great-grandmother Viola on her wedding day, she is standing in the back garden with an overflowing bouquet of blooms and greenery from a friend's garden (actually, here's a link to the pic on my blog if you're interested :) )

    Blessings xx

    1. Merci. I posted the link so stalking is naturally permitted (:

      Viola. What a lovely name (I've been researching baby name options on and off all day). If I had a Viola in my family tree, I'd be naming my daughter that in a flash! Off to look at her photo.

  4. how great are those poetic descriptions!
    i love your sisters wedding. everyone looked gorgeous. and those flowers and red autumn leaves oh my - divine!