Friday, March 29, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To know or not to know?

Today we head to the fetal morphology ultrasound, where the baby is checked from top to toe, to make sure they are healthy. In Australia, this is also when you have the option of finding out the baby's sex. I don't want to know, I think the surprise at birth is absolutely awesome. Rodge on the other hand is itching to find out. He has taken the day off work, he is so keen. We've come to a compromise – he can find out, on the provision that he must not let the secret slip to me. Dangerous? Maybe ...

Did you / would you find out the sex of your baby before birth? Could you handle your partner knowing when you do not?

photo taken in Oscar's space in our old apartment 2011

Monday, March 25, 2013

This is my suburb: Children's Festival

On Saturday morning we walked down to Marrickville West Primary School, to check out the children's festival. I was happily surprised to find it not at all crowded. Oscar LOVED the bungee trampoline and enjoyed a little bit of plaster of paris creative fun. Then we sat on the bitumen in the shade and ate a festival feast of gozleme and corn on the cob.

This is my suburb series

Sunday, March 24, 2013


1. The kittens are still here – the tortoiseshell in the foreground has found a home, where she will be moving after easter. If the other four (and their mum) don't find homes in the next week, then we'll be heading to the RSPCA.
2. Poor Nora, exhausted after Gymbaroo, fell asleep eating her lunch.
3. Rose Seidler House at night. We saw Tim Rosso for my sister's birthday. It was good to laugh and awesome to be out for a second Saturday in a row sans children (last weekend it was my other sister's hens).
4. My sister Amy's birthday cake, made by her lovely friend Amelia.
5 + 6. Flowers at my parents'.
7. Nora just started walking this week.
8. Fern frond in the afternoon light.

Linking up to the lovely Em.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nature in the home

Flowers and leaves from the garden, found amongst the weeds and stray kittens!

sweet william, fuschia, lemon verbena, chocolate mint, nasturtiums and a local native that I cannot remember the name of

Linking to the wonderful Nature in the home series at Littlegreenshed, which completely inspired me to pretty up our home. Thank you Lou.

ps I was introduced to the series by both Allison and Jo.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


1. Nora eating broccolini.
2. The random objects that have gathered on the kitchen window sill.
3. One of five stray kittens that have taken over our backyard.
4. My sister's big hair, the morning after her hens.
5. Noel McKenna at the MCA.

I haven't been joining in because I've been taking so few photos lately. Happily, this week I've managed to scrounge together a few to share. Linking up to the lovely Em – who ate the neatest stack of pancakes I've ever seen, to celebrate her thirtieth.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Céleste's kitchen tea

My family have all been a little bit crazy busy helping my lil sister prepare for a HUGE wedding. She opted for a short engagement, so a whole heap of celebrations and planning have been squished into a small space of time. Over the weekend we held her a kitchen tea, with a parisian theme, at my parent's place. We played the usual fabulous game – make a bride gown out of toilet paper. We also ate far too much (I baked the pear and raspberry cake) and held a get to know Céleste and Joe better quiz, complete with a little filmed interview of Joe.

This coming weekend, the hens. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Goodbye Mane.

Master Oscar has almost always had a full thick head of hair. His fringe was forever flopping in his eyes, and always needed trimming. One day after a beach swim my dad announced it was a nuisance in the water and must be shaved off. Distracted, I may have just nodded. Two seconds later, I hear the clippers start! Oops.

My Oscar is a leo, and was a little surprised to have his mane removed. He spent some time looking at himself seriously, rubbing his hand over his head and declaring it a 'little bit spiky'. He was not very impressed. Poor Oscar. Weeks later, he is only just getting used to his new do. Although he is handsome every which way, secretly, I'm looking forward to it growing back.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


has passed since I last posted.

It has been a beautiful month. Most importantly, I should mention that I'm four months pregnant. Yep. Baby number 3 is due just days after Oscar's 3rd birthday! Three babies in three years; are we a little crazy?

Other than that, my computer has been broken (hence the silence), Oscar had his hair shaved off, my little sister has celebrated her engagement party (the flowers above were part of that) and we've been on a mini break to beautiful Kiama.

I'm happy it is Autumn, my favourite season and I'm already enjoying wearing jeans and cardigans.