Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

On Wednesday afternoon we headed to my parents house. We wandered the garden. Sucked the nectar out of shrimp flowers. Played with blocks and trains and cars. Ate a basic dinner of spaghetti bolognese (thanks Dad). Sung happy birthday to mum and let Oscar blow out the candles on the pavlova (made by Aym). 

Happy (belated online) birthday Mum. Hope you had a lovely day.


  1. gosh i remember those flowers as a child. a lovely day spent with your mum by the sounds of it. the kids are always good helpers with blowing out the candles. enjoy your weekend im. xo

  2. and what a garden to wander in!

  3. looks like your folks have a magical place there....beautiful.
    Allison x

  4. Beautiful garden ... you have reminded me of sucking the nectar from fuschia flowers when we were little ... I can almost taste it ... thanks for reminding me ... Bee xx

  5. What a garden.
    Simple, yet beautiful birthdays spent with family are always the best.