Friday, December 14, 2012

Flowers for Friday: Frangipani

A sure sign of Summer, when we start collecting fragrant frangipani blooms and scattering them in bowls throughout the house. I smiled so much to see Oscar initiate their gathering, late one afternoon and arrange them in amongst his toys.

Happy Birthday Mum

On Wednesday afternoon we headed to my parents house. We wandered the garden. Sucked the nectar out of shrimp flowers. Played with blocks and trains and cars. Ate a basic dinner of spaghetti bolognese (thanks Dad). Sung happy birthday to mum and let Oscar blow out the candles on the pavlova (made by Aym). 

Happy (belated online) birthday Mum. Hope you had a lovely day.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


1 The last of the Flannel Flowers in Tess's backyard.
2 Tess (my lil sis).
3 Sick Oscar, drinking thyme steeped in warm water with honey.
4 Thyme flowers.
5 Radish tails. Crunchy salad: radish, snow peas, apple, mint, celery.
6 Nora, post swimming lesson, waiting for the bath to fill.
7 Cactus flower at dusk. They only open when night falls.
8 Oscar feeling better, being sprayed by the hose and snuggling up to his towel.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Australian Makers – an informal wishlist

Unrelated photo of my mum's fabric scraps. Just think of all the possibilities!

Inspired by Christina Lowry's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I've decided to feature 12 of my favourite Australian creatives.  Some I've purchased from, some I dream of purchasing from. Enjoy surfing!

1 Ouch Flower. Pippa creates some awesome stuff. I LOVE her beads and tassels and macramé! Yep, love it all. Pippa blogs here.

2 Handmade Romance. Evie is such a talent. I bought my sis Aym a bearded bloke awhile ago – I sent through photos of her husband Adam and Evie created a mini him in brooch format. It is awesome. Evie blogs here.

3 Typically Red. Greer's hand knit bonnets are beautiful. Greer blogs here.

4 Amelia Herbertson. I already mentioned I purchased her thank you cards (in postcard format). She also has some lovely christmas cards and they are all gorgeous handcut handprinted lino prints. Ameila blogs here.

5 and the trees. Jay makes one-of-a-kind clothes and lace collars from vintage embroideries and doilies. Headbands from felt. And tiny embroidery art. Jay blogs here.

6 Rowantree Design. Roberta's children's clothes come in delicious delicate fabrics. I'm eyeing off her Aurora Party Gingham dress for Nora. Roberta blogs here.

7 Stencil Portraits. Maria is local to me. She creates custom stencil portraits on canvas or reclaimed wood. Totally cool. Maria blogs here.

8 My Bearded Pigeon. Everyone loves Cath's cushions. I have a soft spot for the Antarctica map cushion. I once bought a friend the Italy one. It looks gorgeous sitting on his couch. Cath blogs here.

9 Jen Booth. Cute little leather locket pouches, in which to keep a lucky charm. Jen blogs here.

10 Umbrella Prints. You could have so much fun with a pack of their remnant fabrics. I would love to totally embroider the diamond argyle fabric – maybe make a cushion or some brooches or something! Carly and Jen blog here.

11 Mango Frooty. Gabby creates still-life watercolours. Her collaboration with Sarah from HillanDale Nursery resulted in beautiful packets of seeds, which would make lovely gifts. Gabby blogs here.

12 benconservato. I am totally in love with Emma's hinged beasts. Totally. Emma blogs here.

Phew! That's an awful lot of links.

Of course there are many, many more talented makers out there. Feel free to share any of your personal favourites (or if you make and sell lovely things yourself) in the comments.

ps Just one more link! If you live near me, Shorties in Newtown supports lots of local makers, knitters and crafters. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


1 On the kitchen windowsill; basil for salads + sandwiches, chamomile waiting to be dried and nasturtiums, the petals for salads but mainly for prettiness.

2 Basil, chives, parsley and strawberries all thriving on our back porch (the rest of the garden is weeds).

3 BEAUTIFUL linocut thank you cards – ordered from Amelia Herbertson written and posted to everyone who helped warm our home.

4 Attempting to squish Nora into a tub to cool off. It didn't work, she ended up in the kitchen sink (as per usual).

5 Oscar trying on my new shoes.

6 Papa's home! (It was Friday, it was hot, both my children spent the majority of the day naked).

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