Thursday, October 25, 2012


It was hot today. I did lots of washing, because I LOVE having a washing line.

Then, we acted like Summer and ate watermelon on the deck: well I ate it, Nora made a mess with it and Oscar fed it to his dinosaurs.

In the bottom photo Miss Nora is singing to her hands, her favourite pastime of late. It is very cute. She is finally wearing her Little Lambs dress and frilly knickers which she won through a today i giveaway. She doesn't quite fit it yet, which means this dress will be perfect for when Summer really hits.

ps I love the lemon kisses dress.


  1. This is great to see! Nora is adorable.

    Watermelon causes a similar scene at our house.

  2. Looks like your beautiful little girl certainly enjoyed that watermelon. Got to love it when little ones enjoy their fruit and veg :) What a gorgeous little dress.

  3. mmmm I love these glimpses of springtime - and really, watermelon should be eaten on a lamb's skin rug! I am making the most of this pleasant warm autumn's afternoon... washing on the line (drying slowly), windows and door wide open to let the sunshine in... drinking warm tea and curling up on the rug for some stretches while Reu sleeps!

    1. Nora does most things on a lambskin rug, it is soft, portable and luckily, washable.

      Sounds like a lovely, restful, afternoon.

  4. What lovely pictures ... Nora's new dress is very pretty and love the singing pose ... Bee xx

  5. Your Nora is so adorable! Mmm... watermelon is a favourite around here as well!
    Ronnie xo