Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The hand-me-down series: the snails, cars, houses and bears onesie

Photos on the left are of the Master Oscar as we explore and relax in the grounds of the National Gallery, March 2011. Both photos by my sister Tess.

Photos on the right are of Miss Nora as we have lunch amongst the renovations at our soon-to-be home, September 2012.

I think of my two babies as looking distinctly different, but here they appear so similar. Both wearing a cute onesie featuring little pictures of snails and houses and cars and bears, gifted to Oscar by my mum. Brand unknown – the tag has been cut off.


  1. I concur, you make such lovely babies!

  2. I just turned my computer upside down to compare those two little faces in the black and white pics. They are SO alike! Gorgeous!

  3. What beautiful babies ... so cute and so similar ... Bee xx

  4. I could have sworn it was the one child. gorgeous. xo

  5. Hi ... I hope you don't mind but I've given you a mention on my blog ... it is a tag thing but if you don't want to play don't worry, it's the first time I've been tagged and it is time consuming ... I won't be in the least offended if you don't want to ... Bee xx

    PS the post is called eleven

    1. Thanks Bee, I'll have a look and I'm sure I'll get around to responding, it just may take a little while. (: