Friday, October 19, 2012

Flowers for Friday: time of Ngoonungi

The original inhabitants of Sydney, the D'harawal, do not break the year into four seasons. They acknowledge six seasons. Right now, September – October, is the time of Ngoonungi. Last night, I was aware of this as I listened to the screeching of the flying foxes in the trees outside our new home.

The time of the Ngoonungi is also an important ceremonial time for the D'harawal, marked by the first flowers of the Waratahs.

I've been craving a little road-trip to view some Waratahs, they are not rare flowers, but you don't see much of them in urban Sydney. Their spectacular size and vibrant colour magnetise me. I know of two bushland locations where they are sure to be, but I'm yet to set aside the time to visit.

As I drove home from Coledale via the National Park, I kept my eyes open, hoping to glimpse some. I spotted many magnificent Gymea Lilies. I pulled over once and took this quick photo of what I call 'bacon and eggs', but alas no Waratahs.

Lucky Kate over at Foxes Lane seems to have them in her own backyard.

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