Monday, September 24, 2012

The hand-me-down series

Indulge me as I fill this space with photos of my two babies.

I love hand-me-downs and all the sentimentality that surrounds them, from basic onesies to fancy dresses, so naturally, I've decided to start a series of photos with my two children wearing hand-me-downs.

Oscar is on the left, fast asleep on my mum's lap, 28 September 2010. Nora is on the right, asleep after a stroll in the pram, 3 April 2012. Both are wearing a basic cotton navy stripe onesie from target.

Do you dress your children in hand-me-downs?


  1. this is so sweet. i have a small cupboard full of clothes from both my two children. however there age gap and being a girl and boy...the hand me down option never came to fruition. we don't intend on having anymore children, but the thought of being able to dress another little girl in penny's clothes gets me excited. i guess you never know. the striped onesie was always a favourite with us too. hope your weekend was a happy one. xo

    1. It is difficult with a boy and a girl, and also with my two being born in different seasons, but it is nice when possible.

  2. Very cute. :)
    I went looking for handmedowns for Joy yesterday and couldn't find any for the 6 to 12 month range. And then I realised I chucked them all out because they were all stained with baby food! So I'm off to target tomorrow for some very simple onesies...


  3. Beautiful photos ... we love hand me downs here too ... my little ones wore them ... Bee xx

  4. Oh what a pleasure to 'indulge' you Imogen. Those photos are just so beautiful. Gosh I love babies. Sleeping ones especially :) x

  5. I would, if or when I do have children, much less waste I think. How gorgeous are your little ones!

    Glad to hear your received the artwork, can't wait to see photos of it in your home.

  6. i love hand me downs, they make me so happy, especially when they go through one family and then another. those photos are just classic baby poses, total trust and abandon, beautiful.