Monday, September 3, 2012


Firstly, if you can, in the top photo – check out Nora's wrists. Seriously adorable little fat rolls.

Yesterday we celebrated father's day. Rodge and Oscar went to a car show in the morning where they enjoyed some very manly bonding time!

Then, for a late lunch we headed to my parents. For dessert (which doubled as an early dinner), we pretended it was Summer and my sister Aym cooked The Best Berry Cobbler, it was delicious. (Strawberries are actually coming into season, they were really cheap $3 for 2 punnets).

I had never heard of cobbler before, but fully intend on trying to make one myself. Like seriously delicious. Yum.


  1. Berry cobbler looks delicious.

  2. It looks delicious! And those fat rolls are adorable!

  3. Those berries look so good. I too have never had a Cobbler. Looks amazing though! Yum!
    And those wrist rolls are scrumptious too :) My son who is now 10months old still has those lovely rolls on ankles and wrists :)

  4. I love those rolls! enjoy them as they don't last for long...(or maybe they aren't as cute later on :0) )

    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply regarding the leibster award. Thank you so much for this. I will continue it, as I think it's a lovely way to support people and has definitely encouraged me to keep moving forward with the blog. It's been really lovely to have consistent followers. So again, thank you Imogen.

    1. I marvel at her little fat rolls daily (Oscar never really had fat rolls, he was all muscles).

      No problems, I found receiving the leibster almost confronting myself ... exciting, but a little scary, so no rush, no commitments, naturally. Thank you for the lovely response.

      Im x

      ps thanks for the music tips, since having children, I haven't really been listening to much music, which is kind of sad. You've reminded me how cool it is.

  5. those rolls & The cobbler look delicious.