Friday, September 28, 2012

Nora Lily – 6 months old

Half a year already. You, little Nora, are so beautiful. Uncomplaining, easy-going, calm. You do not even roll yet, content to pivot around on your back, reaching for toys. Occasionally rocking from side-to-side as you chew on your toes. Blowing raspberries when you are frustrated and would like to be picked up.

You are eager to start eating. You devoured a quarter of a mashed banana yesterday and you laughed and smiled the whole time. You never settle on the breast, but prefer to be left alone in your bassinet to fall asleep. Yes, you are still in your bassinet.

You love to chat and when you do, you sound just like a flock of white cockatoos, the noisiest baby EVER, no coos and gurgles, all screeches and squawks. People look twice when they hear you – 'all that noise from such a tiny girl!' Your favourite time of day for a conversation – 5am. A morning person.

You are always laughing. Always. Especially when your big brother is around. No-one makes you laugh as much as Oscar.

My beautiful girl.

ps your dress is the only item of clothing I have personally bought for you (otherwise you wear gifts and hand-me-downs). It is vintage 1930s (apparently) and I purchased it at the Love Vintage Fair a couple of weekends ago.


  1. Happy half birthday Miss Nora! You sound like a sweet soul, squawks and all :)

  2. Such a lovely diary entry. Such a beautiful girl. I imagine future generations reading this and being delighted that such fact and emotion was recorded by you Im x