Friday, September 14, 2012

Flowers for Friday: moving ... soon

I've been rather distracted of late, well more so than usual (I'm always distracted, chasing Oscar around), as our house is finally almost ready – we'll probably be moving in the next two weeks.

I have these lists of things that need to be completed running through my head, yet I don't seem to be progressing far along any of them at the moment.

This weekend I'll be learning how to sew blinds for our bedrooms. Wish me luck.

I'll also be dreaming of how absolutely wonderful it would be to win the giveaway over at Ché and Fidel. I love the Garland dinner set by Royal Doulton. Love.

ps I adore the creamy yellow clivia in the bottom photo. All snaps were taken in my parents' garden.

pps I posted a quick little post with links on how to make your own flower crown this morning. Two flowers for Friday again this week. Springtime is full of inspiration.


  1. Yay, the move is almost here. I can't wait to see you settled into the new place.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. moving is just so full-on. get the lists out of your head and on some paper. and good luck with the blind sewing! take care :)sarah

    1. I know I need to get them on paper ... just need to find a pen, may have to do it in crayon! (At least then I can colour code).

  3. These are completely lovely photos! Best of luck with your up coming move!