Friday, September 28, 2012

Nora Lily – 6 months old

Half a year already. You, little Nora, are so beautiful. Uncomplaining, easy-going, calm. You do not even roll yet, content to pivot around on your back, reaching for toys. Occasionally rocking from side-to-side as you chew on your toes. Blowing raspberries when you are frustrated and would like to be picked up.

You are eager to start eating. You devoured a quarter of a mashed banana yesterday and you laughed and smiled the whole time. You never settle on the breast, but prefer to be left alone in your bassinet to fall asleep. Yes, you are still in your bassinet.

You love to chat and when you do, you sound just like a flock of white cockatoos, the noisiest baby EVER, no coos and gurgles, all screeches and squawks. People look twice when they hear you – 'all that noise from such a tiny girl!' Your favourite time of day for a conversation – 5am. A morning person.

You are always laughing. Always. Especially when your big brother is around. No-one makes you laugh as much as Oscar.

My beautiful girl.

ps your dress is the only item of clothing I have personally bought for you (otherwise you wear gifts and hand-me-downs). It is vintage 1930s (apparently) and I purchased it at the Love Vintage Fair a couple of weekends ago.

Flowers for Friday: May Bush

May Bush. Like miniature roses, tiny bouquets for a fairy wedding.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The hand-me-down series

Indulge me as I fill this space with photos of my two babies.

I love hand-me-downs and all the sentimentality that surrounds them, from basic onesies to fancy dresses, so naturally, I've decided to start a series of photos with my two children wearing hand-me-downs.

Oscar is on the left, fast asleep on my mum's lap, 28 September 2010. Nora is on the right, asleep after a stroll in the pram, 3 April 2012. Both are wearing a basic cotton navy stripe onesie from target.

Do you dress your children in hand-me-downs?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Flowers for Friday: Ranunculus

At my parents' place, again, I know it features here quite regularly. It was seeing these lovely ranunculus that inspired me to buy my pink ones the other day.

This week I shed a tear reading about this wedding at and the trees, what a brave groom! And I made (and totally devoured) this caramalised fennel and goat cheese flatbread for bookclub, delicious, brought to my attention by twobirdstone.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Nora and I spent 5 hours waiting for appliances to be delivered for our new kitchen the other day. (The master Osc was having some Abuela time). We chatted, breastfed, slept and relaxed on the freshly sanded floor of my soon to be bedroom. Isn't she adorable? That hat was mine when I was little.

I admired the shadows as the afternoon light crept across our newly painted walls. I admired old borer marks on the baltic pine floor. Prior to sanding the floor was japan black, I had no idea the timber was so light, it is lovely. I look forward to seeing it oiled.

I've started a paper pieced patchwork. Not sure what it will become, but after the hearts, it is nice to keep up the hand sewing in the evenings. I will always love playing with pattern and colour and fabric.

ps I loved seeing the local cornersmith café through Luisa Brimble's eyes.

pps I'll show you the finished hearts, once we have moved in and they are hanging.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Just a few photos taken in and around our apartment.

• Early morning visit from a cockatoo
• I rarely buy flowers, but couldn't resist these ranunculus the other day
• Playing tigers and zebras (yes I know, tigers and zebras aren't on the same continent).
• The destruction of the orchid (a sign we'd spent too much time inside, maybe?)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flowers for Friday: moving ... soon

I've been rather distracted of late, well more so than usual (I'm always distracted, chasing Oscar around), as our house is finally almost ready – we'll probably be moving in the next two weeks.

I have these lists of things that need to be completed running through my head, yet I don't seem to be progressing far along any of them at the moment.

This weekend I'll be learning how to sew blinds for our bedrooms. Wish me luck.

I'll also be dreaming of how absolutely wonderful it would be to win the giveaway over at Ché and Fidel. I love the Garland dinner set by Royal Doulton. Love.

ps I adore the creamy yellow clivia in the bottom photo. All snaps were taken in my parents' garden.

pps I posted a quick little post with links on how to make your own flower crown this morning. Two flowers for Friday again this week. Springtime is full of inspiration.

Flowers for Friday: Flower crowns

At the moment I'm daydreaming about making flower crowns, Alma Tadema style, because it is Spring. Thank you Brittany for the inspiration.

ps I took that photo when I was in Los Angeles 8 years ago, feels like a whole lifetime ago now.  Just look at those baskets of anemones. Lovely.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Embroidering hearts V

I went to my mum's place the other day, with the idea that I would finish Nora's hearts. I would raid her wonderful fabric collection and borrow her sewing machine and whip them up in no time flat.

In reality I managed to get four of the nine hearts ready to be stuffed. It is funny how once you have children, something that would normally only take an afternoon, becomes a month long saga. I'm learning to enjoy all the interruptions, really I am. The stopping to run on the grass. It is a slow process now, creating, my mind is twenty steps ahead, already thinking of all the possibilities for the next project.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

ps I'm no embroidery purist. I know the backs are a complete mess! Also the Prints Charming kit did come with the most beautiful quality striped fabric, but I'm a sucker for rifling through piles of fabric and choosing my own. 

pps The heart in the top two photos was the first one I embroidered and is my absolute favourite.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Flowers for Friday: Jasmine

I'm making a point to walk past this place regularly at the moment. I like to imagine walking out their front door every morning, underneath the archway of strongly scented Jasmine.

Can you smell the Jasmine where you are?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This is how we do art around here.

I lie. When I say we I mean Oscar. I don't draw only wearing my socks, on the kitchen table, at 630 in the morning. (Actually I haven't had much time to do any art at all recently, naked or otherwise).

Naturally this sudden onslaught of creativity has left me thinking that my child is a genius. I also think Osc is a genius when he correctly identifies the numbers in the lift, can almost spell his name (O. S. R. is almost), climbs really high things or strings more than three words together. Meaning I think he is a total wunderkind everyday. 

See the artwork in the top corner, Oscar told me what he was drawing as he did it. Road he said, then rock, biiiiiig rock. He always makes the word big, bigger with a very long vowel sound. Plane. Then road, rock, bunny, house all converged where there is the most concentrated colour. Later in the day I was reading him Home for a Bunny, when I realised (bar the aeroplane), that Oscar had drawn that entire narrative. Genius? Totally. My son the illustrator.

ps he recently had a proper haircut for the first time ever. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nora love

Those chins, those cheeks, that nose. She's all chubby goodness. My little Nora.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Firstly, if you can, in the top photo – check out Nora's wrists. Seriously adorable little fat rolls.

Yesterday we celebrated father's day. Rodge and Oscar went to a car show in the morning where they enjoyed some very manly bonding time!

Then, for a late lunch we headed to my parents. For dessert (which doubled as an early dinner), we pretended it was Summer and my sister Aym cooked The Best Berry Cobbler, it was delicious. (Strawberries are actually coming into season, they were really cheap $3 for 2 punnets).

I had never heard of cobbler before, but fully intend on trying to make one myself. Like seriously delicious. Yum.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

This is my suburb: Dress Up Attack!

We went to the craziness that was Dress Up Attack! this morning. Alas we missed Holly Throsby and Jimmy Giggle, both of which coincided with Osc's nap time. We did enjoy a drumming workshop, jumping castles, dancing spiders, bubbles, smoke machines, streamers, a gorgeous little ukulele band and the perfect weather that was the first day of Spring.

ps looking at my blurry photos from today has led me to realise that my camera lens is COVERED in smudgy toddler fingerprints. Must clean promptly.