Monday, August 6, 2012

Our new home: floors and flowers

The renovations have been slow, but signs of progress are beginning to appear. The rear of the house has beautiful new floorboards (yet to be polished). I LOVE them. There are  holes in the roof (for skylights) and gutters have been fixed. I've chosen paint colours and painted test patches – the middle picture shows our bedroom colour, Dulux Glass Bead.

In the front yard, the little hardenbergia that we purchased at Marrickville Community Nursery has its first flowers. Maybe, hopefully, we'll be moving in in Spring.

To read what happened to our house look here. Please note that not all of this is covered by insurance, some (eg skylights) are renovations we planned on doing in the future, but are doing now, to make use of our access to a knowledgable builder.


  1. How exciting, will you still be in the inner west?

    1. yes, luckily, not too far from where we are now.

  2. My gosh, I had to look at past posts re: fire...what a shock! At least you get to redecorate! The floorboards are beautiful!

  3. i love your floor! i missed the posts re your fire. happy to hear all is coming together now. take your time. i do look forward to seeing more of your paintings though :) xo