Monday, August 13, 2012

My sleeping newborns

I came across these photos while reminiscing the other day. Nora on the left at 3 days old and Oscar on the right at 10 days old. I cannot stop looking them. So beautiful. Our two little babies. Hopefully they grow up to be the best of friends.

Wednesday is Oscar's second birthday, I'm thinking I may share his birth story. Did you share your childrens' birth stories or are you a little shy like me?


  1. Oh they're absolutely divine! I LOVE those first photos and looking back over them. They give you that little tinge of joy and sadness all at once.
    Hope your little Oscar has a wonderful 2nd birthday... birth stories are great... but I haven't actually written either of my boy's stories down. Must do that.
    Also, LOVE the name Oscar, that was top of our list when I was pregnant with Angus... then a friend declared she was going to call her baby Oscar if she had a boy and it threw us. Then to top it off, she has had two girls and no boys! We could have used Oscar. Dratz! xo

    1. Oscar is fabulous name! Rodge choose it before I was ever pregnant (in honour of his godfather). I made lists and lists and lists of names I liked, but kept returning to Oscar.

      Angus is an awesome name too. I have always loved Angus, and the nickname Gus is gorgeous.

  2. My son is celebrating his 14th birthday this Friday ... FOUR .... TEEN!!! Heavens above I still remember sweating over the Spiderman birthday cake for his FOURTH! Share, share, share... birth stories, bubby stories, boy stories, girl stories... we love them all here in blog land :-)

  3. Please do. I love a good birth story.

  4. Beautiful, so happy to see such lovely photographs. Roberta

  5. ooooppss, forgot to say how absolutely beautiful these your baby's are..

  6. Thank you for your ovely words for me, and for my son! Imagine that as our leaves will soon fall, yours will soon explode into spring and summer. It's still a bit strange to me, the opposite seasons.

    Your children, so, so beautiful and peaceful (and with lovely names as well). Many, many greetings to Oscar, and to you too, of course!


  7. Sigh, big sigh, I love these completely.