Friday, August 10, 2012

Flowers for Friday: The sky has been blue this week

Well it was blue. You could feel Spring. Now it is Winter again.

The poinsettia is in our soon to be backyard.

I love Ibis – I get to watch them fly past our apartment window, honking, in their V formation. It makes me sad sometimes, to see them looking dirty, scavenging from bins. I imagine what life must have been like for them, before we stripped away the trees.


  1. The weathers gone wild today! Kellie xx

  2. These photos have a very exotic feel, i cant quite put my finger on it, kind of mexican or that of a small island.

    1. So true. I didn't notice this. The Mexican Christmas flower with the rusted corrugated tin. Next time I'll look outside, squint a little and pretend I'm on holiday!