Thursday, August 30, 2012

A scavenger hunt for pink

I woke this morning to two dirty nappies, a fight with a toddler about shoes and no milk. Sigh. No milk meant no porridge and after a night of breastfeeding, I needed porridge. Luckily, today was a planned lazy day (we have many planned lazy days), so after nappies, another breastfeed, resolution over the shoes, we headed downstairs, Oscar on foot, Nora in the babybjorn, for milk.

Picking up milk took an entire hour, as it involved spending 45 minutes watching a parked council truck with flashing lights. Luckily, there was a cafĂ© nearby for takeaway coffee. Strangely however, this was the perfect way to start the day. Watching the enthusiasm and excitement of a toddler over something as mundane as a council truck is actually really special. That and I could smell the jasmine in the breeze, reminding me it is pretty much Spring.

Today turned out to be a beautiful lazy day, as I let Oscar dictate all we did (bar nappy changes and nap times – he will never say, 'hey mum, change my nappy' or 'mum, I just threw that tantrum because I really need to go to bed'). He played with his cars, we read books, had a shower together, watched tv (while I breastfeed Nora some more), hid under the doona on our bed, cuddled Nora, giggled, tickled, played with ice cubes and went on a scavenger hunt for the colour pink.

We filled a basket with some smaller items, scarves, ribbons and toys and photographed others, my shirts, the remains of a geranium (Osc can be quite destructive), Nora's pants and snippets of pink in the mess on my dresser.

When Rodge arrived home, he took Oscar to the park, leaving Nora and I in peace to start dinner. All in all, a pretty perfect day.

What do you do on your lazy days?


  1. Sounds like a good day! Best lazy days are when it's raining and you have the perfect excuse to stay in your pjs and do nothing..

    1. Staying in your pjs all day, def the best lazy days ... I haven't done that in ages, will have to soon, I'm sure Spring will bring plenty of rain.

  2. I just wanted to say I know exactly what you mean about needing porridge after a night of breastfeeding, oh oh yes! And what a lovely unfolding of your day xx