Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As everyone finally recovered from snuffles, I succumbed to my second bout of mastitis, which made me useless for a day. Now I am on the mend, just a little tired in the evenings (and mornings).

However, we have received the most wonderful news, that our builder's quote has been approved by the insurers. Cleaning started today. It is so lovely to know that maybe our house will be our home soon.


  1. Lovely pics Imogen. Sorry to hear about your mastitis, dreaded thing that is. Rest up and take good care of yourself xo

  2. happy builder news...wonderful to hear. i hope the mastitis clears for you soon. i had this with my first born and had never felt so ill. thinking of you. take good care. love your photos. xo

    1. Thank you. The mastitis seems to have cleared already, but it is horrible how it really knocks you out. Strange how a blockage in your breast can have such a massive effect on the rest of your body.