Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hidden treasure

Inside a box that belonged to my grandmother. I love old stamps. I love exploring personal history. I wonder who she knew in New York?

Osc, Nora and I went on a little holiday last week. Was hoping to share photos here today, but I seem to have broken the USB that reads my SD card. Soon. Hopefully.

ps Have you ever ridden a penny farthing? My sister got to give it a go recently. Looks scary


  1. Exciting finds- and lovely pictures, Jo xx

  2. I love the simplicity of the single colour stamps & they are so intricate - beautiful

  3. So much history, such a beautiful discovery. Look forward to seeing your holiday snaps when you get to them xo

  4. I adore stamps - especially the older ones. I'm the lucky owner of a rather substantial collection left by my step-father in-law ... whilst I don't call myself a collector i do so love to ponder on all the places they've been and the letters/packages they adorned... sigh... xx

    1. How lucky and lovely to have a substantial collection to peruse. They are so beautiful. I do get a little sentimental about these things.

  5. What beautiful treasures. Oh the memories behind those stamps. You could frame them and then you willhave them to look at each day.

  6. What a find! Yes, frame them! They will look gorgoeous! I used to collect stamps, I had albums everywhere....I wonder where they are....