Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Waiting ...

Rodge has been really sick. Flu-like and achy over the weekend, culminating in night time bouts of violent coughing that prompt vomiting. Not pretty. A quick google search confirmed that it may be whooping cough, despite us all being immunised. Worried for the health of mainly little Nora, but also Oscar and myself, I've abandoned him temporarily, at least until results come back from the doctor. Feeling very, very grateful to have parents living within driving distance, with space for our mess.

ps While Rodge was out I snuck back into our place, did a little cleaning and left him some of this soup on the stove.


  1. Oh no. Hope he feels better soon. My brother and sister in law had whooping cough when Lila was only 5 weeks old. I made sure we stayed clear of them and quickly ordered the rest of the family be immunized! Can't be too safe. Hope he loves the soup too xx

  2. you are lucky to have family so close. it's like a little holiday really. you made the right choice and i hope Rodge recovers soon. xo

    1. It is definitely like a little holiday. I have my parents around to help out, and there is a garden for Oscar to run round in (he's used to life in an apartment). Honestly loving it, just feeling a little guilty that Rodge has to fend for himself.

  3. You poor love, lucky you have mum and dad, cheers for nans and pops! Take it easy, get some rest. Lucky we will have some sunshine for a few days.