Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is my suburb

Lets face it, I love blogs because I'm an enormous sticky beak. I love seeing inside your houses, your wardrobes, your kitchens. I love seeing the artwork on your walls and the furniture you own.

I also love seeing the neighbourhood that you live in. Many blogs I visit regularly have a rural, coastal or simply completely foreign setting. I love seeing where you all choose to live your lives.

As I set out to walk to baby rhyme time at the library this morning, I put my camera around my neck, so I could share my neighbourhood with you. Enjoy.

Where the angel once stood


  1. Thanks for the little look into your neighbourhood. I'm a serial sticky beak too! Worlds apart from mine :)

  2. Made me realise how colourful your neighbourhood is!

  3. Oh I love that colourful street, busy I might add but bustlingvwith people. Yummy restaurants and cafes, and even a not so bad op shop. Maybe you might walk up the road a little further and meet me for a coffee. Im doing my hood soon, with some pics of my furniture. Thanks for sharing. X Roberta

  4. seriously, your photography is AMAZING!!! can you tell me what camrea and lense you are using??? and any other advice for a learner- i need to buy a new camera but don;t quite know where to start!

    xxxx em

    1. I don't know much about cameras. I'm an automatic point and shoot kind of girl. That said, my camera was pretty pricey when it was purchased – it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 (had to go grab it and check). I don't have any extra bits for it, just the lens it is supplied with. Its fairly old and I know there are newer versions available. I think its the camera people buy when they like good photos, but aren't really committed enough for the serious massive Canons that you see everyone lugging around. I like good photos and wanted to make sure I had some nice ones when Oscar was a baby.

      I have to admit that I also know rudimentary photoshop skills - I don't normally do anything to my photos, but in these I have boosted the colour.

      Wow. Sorry, long response. Didn't realise I had so much to say about cameras.