Monday, June 18, 2012


I hope I pass my love of reading onto Oscar and Nora. I believe that if a child enjoys reading, it makes their journey through school so much smoother. And although I think that when I read to my children it should be a fun, light-hearted and bonding experience, I found this article really interesting. I've started to consciously implement print-referencing, particularly when I'm reading a book with repetition.


  1. Aw looki at her listening to him! Adorable.

  2. What a gorgeous photo, love it! I agree, the reading is an essential skill to take the littlies through their school years. The earlier it starts, the better. I make a point of reading as often as possible to the boys... and thankfully, they both love it for now xo

  3. so glad my kids love book as much as i do. let's hope it continues.

    by the way i think oscar and nora are the most lovely names!

    rachel x