Friday, June 1, 2012

Flowers for Friday: in my parents' garden

My parents have the most amazing garden. My sister posted a recent pic of it here.


  1. So pretty. I have nothing in my garden :(

  2. Hi Imogen I have just popped over to your blog from Green Valley Crafts. It's lovely to meet you. I live in he inner west of Sydney too, how funny we could be neighbours. I am following your blog now so I look forward to hearing more about your take on life in the inner west. I am passionae about designing and making children's vintage inspired clohing, I do styling jobs and am made keen on rero and vintage. I have almost completed doing a makeover on a fibro beach shack on he central coast. I do hope you pop on over and say hi! x

  3. Beautiful shots, love the bright colours. Looks like a very pretty garden xo