Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Embroidering hearts II

Still enjoying my Prints Charming hearts. It is my evening activity if both the bubs are asleep before me.

I've discovered the most fabulous website full of hand embroidery tutorials. Seriously, if you are a bit of a novice embroiderer like me, check it out. Sarah has taught me feather stitch, three different variations of chain stitch and raised fishbone stitch. I've started treating the hearts as a little bit of a sampler.

See my first progress photos of the hearts here.


  1. I can't get enough of these Im. SO crazy beautiful. Your use of colour is perfection.

    Wish I could come and learn from you!

  2. So sweet. Coming along beautifully x

  3. This is so beautiful, I would love to learn how to embroide.

  4. Oh they are beautiful Imogen... loving the little bauble effect, that is so pretty.
    It is nice to get a little crafting in while the house is quiet and still... I should be doing some right now... but my other love of blogging often gets in the way! xo

    1. Blogging gets in my way too, luckily at the moment I'm finding the embroidery equally addictive. Hopefully this feeling lasts until the project is finished!

  5. gorgeous colours and some fine embroidery there. i love doing a bit myself. i have found those tutorials very helpful too. xo

  6. You have the patience of a Tibetan monk. Looking forward to the big 'unveil'!

  7. Hearts are pleasing to the eyes. Came to know about your blog from sara's site. Good posts u have in your blog.