Thursday, May 3, 2012


Leucadendron salignum x laureolum

I planted three Leucadendrons in my front yard ... and I've been thinking about them ever since. Why? Because they were completely unplanned.

I had two ideas of what my front garden would look like – it would either (very ambitiously) be a beautiful flowering garden inspired by the gardens at Bronte House (on a much smaller scale), as seen below in the pictures I took in Spring 2010.

Or it would be an exclusively native garden, and by exclusively native, I mean I would only plant plants native to the local area. Not native to Western Australia or the case of Leucadendrons, South Africa.

I know that most people are probably thinking that I'm over analysing, but I've never owned a garden before. And this may be the only one I ever own, I feel like I have to get it right for me. It is an exciting, maybe once off opportunity.

It was the Leucadendrons that were my downfall, unravelling all my much thought about plans. When I spotted the variagated foliage of the hybrid above, without thinking, I bought it, plus a couple of other, completely unplanned plants. And now my garden feels slightly directionless. A bit of a mish-mash.

Yet strangely, stumbling across this print by Lara at Ink & Spindle made me feel a little bit better about planting the Leucadendrons. If I could afford to, I'd love to buy it for my hallway. Maybe going with the unplanned is sometimes for the better. Go with the flow. In a way I'm venturing onto unknown territory. It may be the start of a lifelong love of Leucadendrons.

ps I'm also loving the idea of this fabric by Ink & Spindle for roman blinds in my bedroom.

pps If you've never been to Bronte House, you should go, although the next open day isn't until September!

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