Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Almost forgot to share – these delicious kanthas are what I bought at fabric-a-brac. I especially love the totally unexpected colour combos. You may have spotted the one I bought for mum in Monday's post.

Also, I won't be going along myself (I made sure I went to Peppergreen before it closed down) but this weekend there is a massive auction in Sydney of all their antique and vintage textiles.


  1. oh they are amazing. i went to the fabric-a-brac but totally missed those. such amazing work.

  2. Kanthas are so beautiful, I want to make a trip for India just for them... I'm trying to recreate one at the tmoment actually, it's really kinda difficult! Lovely blog you have here :)

    1. It would be awesome to travel to India for textiles (and sights and all that other stuff too!) Good luck with recreating one, sounds relaxing, time-consuming and challenging. I'd love to try something like that myself one day.

  3. I am on a kanthas mission at the mo... we had some added to our website the other day and I was swooning but I can't afford them right now so am searching India on line instead ;)